letter of intent

 May 23, 2020

Dear Community:

This is a letter of intent to reorganize our Exceptional Student Services Unit by flipping the script of the Exceptional Children’s Education Act to reorganize the Administrative Unit, 01030.  

  1. Reorganize Adams 14 Administrative Unit of Gifted Education to include all of the Exceptional Student Services Unit, and ultimately, flip the script of the Exceptional Children’s Education Act.   [ECEA Rule  [3.01(3)(a)(i)(C)]

  2. Represent every gift, talent and exceptional service by identifying a team with representation of the identification areas, special services early access and twice exceptional learners, representing and  honoring identities of all learners. [3.01(3)(a)(i)(B)]

  3. Restructure, as a representative team, the Advanced Learning Plan, starting with the body of evidence 3.01(3)(a)(i)(A)]. 


Della M. Palacios, Ed.D.

GT Coordinator

Special Services Provider

Coordinator of Gifted Education