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gifts and talents, talents and gifts

I learn. I unlearn. I relearn.

I am the coordinator of Gifted Education

Who learns disconnected systems

Who listens in meetings

And wants to be included

But is often excluded

observing inconsistencies 

While seeking out star educators

I smell and taste safety concerns

And see scripted expectations

I attempt to fix

What I am told is less than

by current measures of achievement

While chasing perceived success

And when I am not paying attention, I find bright spots

I witness gifts

I witness talents

Who lack representation

And diversity 

As there are attempts to fix

Problems in each silo

Work is connected by bells

With little time to reflect

And lacking  time to act

Together but apart

On a journey

seeking management

Because I cannot fix this alone

So I will pivot.

And we will solve

Who will manage 

To steer the journey and clear the path

Stepping together 

into action

and reflection

about the work

Interweaving and 

blending the learning

Honoring identity 

of those represented

so that we develop each talent 

And grow every gift

Where bright spots are amplified

And success is measured by 

More than

And fixing become solving

Scripting becomes trusting

Safety is culture

Stars are honored

Observations are productive

And I am included

And valued 

And heard

To make connections

And serve a team

who learns, unlearns and relearns.

Heading 6